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A New Year

Many things have been happening here at Highway Two Conservation. This time of year, many would expect things to be a little slower but there are grants to write, budgets to prepare, plantings to plan, events to coordinate and environmental farm plans to assist with.

Recently, Highway Two Conservations' Biologist extraordinaire , Lisa Card, gave some well received talks about the bats that live among us. This has led to some interesting information. Through these workshops, we have spoken to people who would like to preserve bat habitat, individuals with suspected maternal colonies and possible summer roosting sites. There could be some very exciting developments in the near future!

Did you know that bats contribute billions in savings to the agricultural indusrty through the biological control of pest insects? Research recently completed in the United States confirmed that bats are an unsung hero for producers. Bats Worth More Than $1 Billion to Corn Industry

Bats are under threat from white-nose syndrome throughout North America- for such an important agriculturally significant species, we should all sit up and take notice. I'll leave the more detailed aspects of this conversation to our resident expert.

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