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The “Off-Season”

For those who don’t feel like reading the whole blog: long story short, there is no off-season for us. While we might not be planting right now, we are getting our trees selected and ordered and planting schedules are being made . We are dreading May.

We are also catching up with producers who contacted us in the summer to do Environmental Farm Plans and help out with Growing Forward 2 funding. Grant writing in late December and early January was particularly cruelling. This was the first time I had written a professional grant application. I said I was looking forward to it, Sheila laughed at me. Now I know why. I rewrote sentences in my head while I was cooking, I reorganized budgets in my sleep. It was pretty much thinking about or writing grants for a solid two weeks. I’m glad to be done with them for the time being! Now it’s time to focus on workshops. We have been busy planning our biggest yearly event: Farming for Generations. This year we are focused on how innovations and improved crop genetics is making agriculture production more sustainable. Genetically modified organisms or GMO’s get a bad reputation, but if we are going to feed the world and reduce our environmental footprint we need them. If you haven’t checked it out yet the agenda for Farming for Generations is posted on our upcoming events page. We also have other upcoming workshops posted. Hope to see you soon!


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